Impact Evaluation

External evaluation is an important and an effective tool to assess 0rganizational performance and its impact in the light of the stated objectives, desired or expected results and actual achievements or outcomes. One form of external evaluation is to engage with players or stakeholders out side the organization such as beneficiaries or customers or field workforce etc, field survey based on interviews and data collection is a most commonly used method of field evaluation.

To date two evaluation studies and one case study of “The Helpcare Society and Teach A Child School System have been conducted by University of Management Sciences (LUMS). The fourth study in the form of a ‘field survey of 60 TAC School families’ was conducted by a female graduate student from USA as part of her thesis program.

Latest impact study was carried out by a dedicated team of students from BSc program in year 2007. Survey 100 families were visited by the team. f A questionnaire covering 86 different aspects related to parents, student at TAC, his/her siblings and neighbors was addressed with each of the 100 families to obtain their candid views and comments. Impact Study as presented is a compilation, by the team, of the answers or comments from 100 families in percentage terms. Readers will find the study an interesting and in some cases educative and revealing introduction to the concept and conduct of Teach A Child School System.

It is a very genuine effort by a group of intelligent and committed students from affluent social back ground. By the end of this assignment, they appeared moved by the unique opportunity to interact with the successes and frustrations at the social grass roots. All of them were deeply impacted by the realities and dynamics of poverty. A surge of compassion for the underprivileged was a prominent outcome of their unique experience of a world far away from the world they lived in.