NAME Years at TAC University Course Title Duration of University Program Employment Company Designation Starting Year Remarks
a b  c d e f g  h i j 
1 Tehreem Kanwal 1998-2012 Lahore School of Economics BS. Double majors in Economics and Management 4 Years Govt. of Pakistan (Ministry of foreign Affairs (MOFA)) Desk Officer at MOFA 2018 Tehreem on account of her good performance earned,  meeting the the criteria of SATIP ( Siblings at TAC Incentive Programme ), earned the eligibility for her sister Eman Khan, to compete for a seat in Nursery. Equally bright, she is currently in Class 10.
2 Naila Naz 1999-2012 a. Kinnaird College, Lahore

1. BS Bio-Technology
4 Years

TAC School & Intermediate College  Senior Biology Teacher 2019 Has appeared in the final interview of CSS in Jan 2020. Awaiting result.
  LUMS MS in  Biology 2 years
3 Beenish Tariq 1998-2012 Kinnaird College

 BS Bio- Technology
4 Years

Bio-Medical lab, Near Thokkar, Lahore Microbiologist Nov, 2018  
      CAMB, Punjab University M.Phil Bio- Technology 2 Years
4 Ijaz Ahmed 1998-2012 SKANS  CA 4-5 Years KPMG Chartered Accountants Charted
2019 Gone to Saudi Arabia for an  assignment.
5 Tayabba Naeem 1998-2012 Lahore Garrison University BSc. Major in Bio-Chemistry 2 Years

Berger Paints, 28 Km Multan Road, Lahore Senior Chemist July, 2018  
      Punjab University MSc Bio-Chemistry 2 Years
      Punjab University M.Phil Bio-Chemistry 2 Years
6 Naima Malik 1998-2012 FC College University BS. Chemistry 4 Years Berger Paints, 28 km, Multan Road, Lahore Senior Chemist June, 2017  
7 Atif Riaz 1998-2012 LUMS BS CS 4 Years Find My Adventure company, Karachi. Chief Technical officer (CTO) a. TRG International- 2016                      b. FMA in Oct 2018                    He holds a small share as sweat equity and draws a salary of Rs. 150,000 pm.
8 M. Mubeen 1998-2010 a. Univesity of Central Punjab, Lahore
1. BS CS
2. MBA Marketing
4 Years
2 Years
      Roosvelt University, Chicago, USA MBA Joined in 2019       His younger brother Jazib, from 1999 entry at TAC, qualified as Chemical Engineer from PU Lahore in 2018, also proceeded to USA to join MS programme at Oregon State University in 2019.              
9 Mutahir Abbas 1998-2010 Punjab University Masters in Mass Communication
2 Years

Self Employed. Private tuitions in the evening to support his educational expenses.       
      Punjab University M.Phil Mass Communication 2 Years (In process )        
10 Mubashra Mazkoor 1998-2012 Beaconhouse National University, Lahore BS Visual Communication Design 4 years AUJ Group at Arfa Towers Senior Visual Designer    
11 Arooj Irfan 1998-2012 University of Education, Lahore BS BED Maths 4 Years The Educators
(Boys Campus)
English Teacher Aug-17  
12 Zain ul Abedin 1998-2010 University of Education, Lahore B.Com IT, M.Sc  2 Years
Uber Technical Department, Lahore. Technical Support Executive Oct, 2018  
      University of Education, Lahore MSc IT 2 Years
13 Mehrunnisa Saleem 1998-2012 Lahore Garrison University BSc. Major in Bio-Technology 2 Years

    2012-2014 Got married. House wife
      Punjab University MSc Bio-Technology 2 Years     2014-2016  
      Punjab University M.Phil Bio-Technology 2 Years     2017-2019  
14 Snobia Munir 1998-2012 Lahore Garrison University BSc. Major in  Micro-Biology 2 Years

      Punjab University MSc Micro-Biology 2 Years     2014-2016  
            NovaMed Pharma Limited, Lahore Micro-Biologist SEP 2017- Feb 2018  
      Punjab University M.Phil Micro-Biology 2 Years     Feb 2018- Mar 2020  
15 Raheel Shiraz Khan 1998-2008 Punjab University BBA 2013-2017 ADSII Company Team Leader 2015 a. Left TAC in 10th year at TAC in 2007.                      b. Holds a mangerial position. Earns Rs. 75,000 plus. Yearly bonus Rs. 400,000 plus. Has moved his parents to a bigger house and a better neighbourhood. Bought a small car for his parents.       c. First Alumni sponsor since 2017. 
16 Hifza Nishat   UCP  BS CS 4 years Uncle's Company Assistant to the CEO 2019 Just completed the degree program
17 Rabia Maqsood 1998-2010 TAC School System O Level          Did Engineering from Germany. Not in contact
18 Arsalan Javed 1998-2012  FAST  BS CS (Aborted)    a, Sindhu Academy* for Mathematics in Moon Market, Iqbal Town Lahore.                          b. Real Estate Agentship  along with his father Co-Partner. Earns a share of Rs. 60,000 plus pm. 2018 *60 students 
19 Maufia Talib 1998-2012 TAC Intermediate College FSc          Got married. House wife
20 Rabia Riaz 1998-2012 TAC Intermediate College FSc          Got married. House wife