"The Helpcare Society (THS)" is guided by it’s vision, 'Realizing potential through equal opportunities'. Notwithstanding its place of origin, conceptually, its relevance and scope transcends geographical boundaries. The concept envisions to grow vertically at the unit level and horizontally through deployment of more units on ground.

Till Oct 2012, Teach A Child (TAC) School at Lahore was the only institution of the educational program of 'The Helpcare Society (THS)'. TAC Schools’ concept revolves around the core idea of 'Privileged Education for the Underprivileged'. The TAC Schools’ mission is 'to enable and empower the 'TAC Children', through competitive education, to join the social mainstream. Competitive education implies 18-19 years' of quality centric contemporary education, from nursery to university level. In 2012, the first unit at Johar Town Campus (JTC) had grown vertically for 14 years. At JTC, the first batch of students, on completion of school education, had joined universities/colleges for the professional education. It was at this stage that "The Society" was offered an opportunity by ‘The President, DHA Executive Board, to replicate TAC in DHA Lahore. Teach A Child (TAC) School, DHA Campus, was established with the moral and material support of DHA Lahore in Oct 2012 thus entering the new phase of horizontal expansion of the concept.

Each student is charged an annual (dignity) fee of Rs.60 (US$ .37) per annum against an annual expense of Rs.48,300 ( US$ 307 ). Students are given two sets of free uniform ( a total of 9 items including undergarments) at the time of admission in nursery class, free books / stationery to support quality education compatible to any privileged school in Pakistan and essential medical care. Induction is only at the nursery level and there is no lateral entry.

Each class is identified by the year of induction and the year of completion of educational cycle at the end of 18 years, i.e. the students of the first entry who joined TAC at an average age of 4 years is identified as the Class of 1998-2016. Having completed 14 years of schooling, the first batch joined the universities and colleges in 2012. THS signs up as the academic guardian for the professional education. In 2016, they, with grace of Allah and the support of the Friends of TAC, completed their professional education from universities and colleges at the age of 22-23 years and entered the job market to commence the practical phase of their life to explore new avenues, to capture new opportunities and to surmount challenges to harness success, directly, for themselves and their families, and indirectly for the extended family.

Over the past 22 years since 1998, TAC has made sincere efforts to provide conducive environment for the development of a balanced and an enlightened personality - aware of rights and obligations particularly with emphasis on women empowerment as a responsible member of society and a Pakistani. End objective is " to enable them to grow up as role models and positive agents of change in the family, neighborhood and the society at large".

To evaluate own measure of success, external evaluations have been conducted. To date, five impact/ analysis studies have been undertaken on TAC's concept and performance by Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) under its LUMS-McGill Social Enterprise Development Program. A study carried out by the students from Lahore School of Economics (LSE) has also been published in a book edited by Iqbal M.Khan, titled, " Leading Social Entrepreneurs of Pakistan". In addition, a number of overseas students have conducted research studies on the concept. THS offers a hope to the children of the less privileged yet equally ambitious families to grow in socio-academically conducive and enabling environment. THS is striving to be a centre of excellence- a citadel of "Dreams" and "Resolve". It is innovative and unique in its undertaking where it promises to offer an opportunity, to study from Nursery to Post-graduation professional studies, to the excluded segment of our society.

Though small in size today, its concept and vision is infinitely relevant to our nation as well as to a large part of the globe. THS seeks encouragement and support, against verifiable performance, to consolidate thus enabling it to undertake wider responsibilities in the future. Said in all humility, TAC is a success story.