• 100 students ( 50 each at Johar Town Campus & at DHA Campus per year). As and when the new DHA campus is constructed, the intake will incrementally increase to 100 students )
  • Age between 4 and 5 years
  • One child from one family policy.
  • SATIP (Siblings at TAC Incentive Program). It is an incentive for good performance for consecutive 4 years by the students and their parents, to become eligible to apply for the second child for the classes authorized in the policy.
  • WIP (Wards' at TAC incentive Program). It is meant for the teachers and other staff members to apply for the admission of their children at TAC. The privilege can be availed for the duration of their stay with the institution.

Selection Criteria

  • Economic merit based on "clean, well defined and verifiable source of income."
    Ground verification is an essential part for the confirmation of economic status. "Poorer the better" is fundamental to economic merit. However, economic merit is only one of the three factors.
  • Parental merit to support the dictates of quality education is determined. Over the years, parental attitude, ability and commitment have assumed greater importance.
  • Competitive intellectual merit through professional IQ testing based on SIT and VMI
  • Final feature of the selection process is a Written & Oral ‘Entry Test (ET)’. Whereas the ET is taken by the applicant child, his parents’ abilities and commitment to prepare their child for the test differentiates the quality of parents.
  • "Economic and "Intellectual" merits are merged to draw out "combined" merit.
  • Administrator, Head Department of Student and a Senior Volunteer constitute the ‘Final Selection Committee.
  • Approved list of students is placed before Board for ratification.
  • Top 100 ( 50 at each campus) students are picked up to embark upon a 18 years long journey.