Facilities at TAC



  • Free education . Students pay a dignity fee of Rs.5 ( US Cents 5) per month.
  • 'O' Level (Cambridge International Examination ) / Matric streams & FSc ( National Curriculum) (14 years of education in school campus)
  • Planned up to professional level ( 14 years in school, 5 years at universities and colleges). Till the completion of the first cycle, to be completed after 19 years when the students will become professionally empowered, program at TAC will remain an experiment. The program has completed the first cycle of 14 years of school education and has entered the professional phase at universities and colleges in 2012.After another 4 years, the concept, having run its full course, will, gain full maturity to become a model.
  • The first entry ( Class of 1998-2017 ) has entered the professional phase in the following institutions: a. LUMS ( Lahore University of Management Sciences ) b. LSE ( Lahoe School of Economics) c. Kinnaird College University for Women d. FC College University e. FAST-University of Emerging Sciences f. The Univesity of Education, Lahore g. LGU ( Lahore Garrison University) h. SKANS- Institute of Accountancy
  • Value education (Tarbeeat / Grooming )
  • Two pairs of complete uniform including shoes and undergarments ( 9 items) at the time of induction.
  • Best available text books and full range of stationery.
  • Physical development and sports facilities
  • Periodic medical check up, first aid and preventive medical care.