Future Outlook

1.  Brief Review. In 1998, a group of volunteers agreed to implement a new concept to Provide quality education to the wards of the underprivileged segment of our society. Concept envisaged an extended commitment spread over 18 years to execute an educational cycle from ‘nursery to university’. . Beginning in 1998, the first cycle was to be completed in 2016. It was to be a unique experiment in merging the harshness of deprived economic conditions with the challenges of qualitatively competitive education.

Ever since, the Experiment has successfully proceeded over the last 18 long years. On completion of 14 years of higher secondary school education, students from the first four batches of 1998 to 2001 have entered the professional education in the best of the universities and colleges such as LUMS, LSE, Kinnaird College, FC College, Beaconhouse University, Pakistan Institute of Fashion Designing, SKANS_School of Chartered Accountancy, The University of Punjab (PU), University of Engineering (UET) etc. The first entry Class of 1998-2016) will complete their professional degree program in the middle of 2016, we hope to see the first product of a very patient endeavor, when a batch, of dignified young men and women from TAC, will qualify to enter the practical life, at home and abroad. God Willing, they will represent TAC as good human beings, responsible citizens, caring sons and daughters and competent professionals. We hope they will do us proud on account of their demonstrated abilities and resolve to make a difference and be counted.

Lt Saifullah from the 2nd entry (Class of 1999-2017) is a pleasant anomaly. He joined the Pakistan Military Academy in 2013 after 14 years of education at TAC and was commissioned in Pakistan Army in Apr 2015 and is Currently serving as a lieutenant in an armoured corps unit of the Pakistan Army. He is the First Professional from the system and the beginning of the success story; Over 40 students in the professional universities and colleges are in the queue, due to graduate each year from 2016 onwards. With each graduating class, two new nurseries comprising 100 students (25 each in four sections) will enter the system.

Credit for traversing 18 years long journey ( 1998-2016) goes to “Friends of TAC” who were generous in reposing their trust, to the Board of Governors for their selfless leadership in steering the course, to the management and most importantly to the Teachers who mentored the students to become good human beings and socio-academically competent, confident and competitive.

2.  Professional Education. By 2012, first group of students from the Class of 1998-2017 will be ready to enter the professional institutions for higher studies. Career counseling will be provided to help the students to choose the right professional direction. More importantly, efforts are already underway to establish to linkages with quality institutions to facilitate admissions and to seek financial support for professional studies. Currently, the senior most Class of 1998-2017, aspirants for admission in the prestigious institutions in 2012, is being assisted to join the run up phase of the National Outreach program of LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences).

3.  Growth and Development. While the efforts will continue for the vertical growth of the two units of ‘Teach A Child School System’ at Johar Town Campus and DHA Lahore Campus, horizontal expansion of the concept by opening up additional branches will be a logical future. Towards this goal, system and processes to manage multiple units are under consolidation. Fundamental requirement, particularly in case of outstation branches, will be that of developing a core team of volunteer men and women who, more than their desire to financially support the cause, would be willing to devote their time and effort to provide local leadership as Board of Management within the policy framework and guidance provided by the central Board of Governors.

4.  Financial Sustainability.

a. The Helpcare Society is not a funded NGO. Other than a commitment by DHA Lahore, it has no guaranteed support base. Generation of financial resources to run the operations is a yearly challenge. It is a performance based motivation which keeps the interest of the donors alive.

b. To secure the future of the present and the future generations coming into the fold of TAC, Endowment Fund is an unavoidable imperative. All Successful philanthropies are indebted to the far sighted vision of their elders who, without exception, created a sustainable financial base. But for the endowment fund, most of the philanthropic organizations would find themselves either curtailed in growth or grossly handicapped in case of any unforeseen crisis. In recognition of this imperative, THS Endowment Fund (THSEF) was established, with a meager amount of Rs.100,000 by the the Chairman Board of Governors in 2007. The first few years were almost static. It is in the recent past that, with the generous support of “Friends of TAC” particularly DHA Lahore, we have reached a respectable mark closer to our initial target of Rs.100 million. Details of incremental growth of the fund are available in the audit reports. Board of Governors directed the management to open a dedicated account for THSEF with stringent fund management policy. In line with the standard rule, any amount deposited in the endowment account becomes the principal and restricted. Principal cannot be withdrawn. Organisation can, however, use the profits for operations or expansion or future projects. THS Board of Governors further directed that no profit will be drawn from THSEF till reaching the initial target and that too with the permission of the Endowment Fund Committee of the Board. To date no profit has been drawn from the Endowment fund. It has been ploughed back to boost the “Principal Investment”. The next target of Rs. 300 million has been set to be achieved by 2018.

5.  Future Leadership. Finally, the most important challenge is to put in place a succession plan to implement gradual replacement of the current leadership on the Board of Governors. It will be the responsibility of the current leadership to identify and motivate the young people with heart and mind, from different walks of life, to join the fraternity of “ Friends of TAC”. From amongst these friends, we shall look for those who will be willing to devote their time, effort, commitment and vision to lead TAC to meet the challenges in the future.

6.  Future Vision. Where do we see our humble effort in the coming years and decades. We see it’s footprints at the national level. At an appropriate stage of growth, we see a TAC University reaching out to the higher dimensions of education. We also see the alumni from TAC as the future custodians of the concept and it’s performance because they are the one who have benefitted the most from the commitment of their selfless elders. Finally, realizing the fact that their millions of people across the globe, dreaming and seeking equal opportunities. at some point in time in the future, we see TAC offering “Privileged Education to the Underprivileged” internationally.