Teach A Child (TAC) School is the educational project of "The Helpcare Society" meant exclusively for the benefit of the underprivileged segment of the society. Seed money coming from an individual's pension fund, "The Society" was established in Sep 1998. Students are charged a dignity fee of Rs. 5 ( US Cents . 032) per month or Rs. 840 (US$ 5.35 ) for 14 years of competitive education. It offers an opportunity to the wards of financially constrained families to enter an educational facility similar, in form and substance, to any privileged educational institution in Pakistan, for a period of 18 years ( from nursery to university).



The Beginning - 1998

12 Years Later - 2010  18 Years Later - 2016


  • To provide enabling environment for contemporary socio-academic and professional education to prepare "TAC Children" to enter the future market place with dignity and confidence.
  • To impart and inculcate high moral and balanced religious and ethical values.
  • To inculcate a sense of duty towards the family, society and the country.
  • To provide appropriate socio-cultural skills and opportunities, enabling them to merge into the national mainstream.
  • To develop self esteem, confidence and belief in themselves.

End Objective

To enable "TAC Children" to emerge as role models and positive agents of change in the family, neighborhood and the society at large.

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